Astound LLC

About Veteran Recruiting

VR is a division of Astound Virtual who has revolutionized the way military friendly employers, service members, veterans, and military spouses connect as it relates to the job search. Through the VR virtual recruitment center, employers can recruit veteran talent across the globe in an efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly manner.

Trusted by more than 300 Fortune 500 employers who respect and value the skills and talents that veterans bring to the workforce, and having helped more than 101,000 veterans and military spouses find meaningful career since 2011, VR is recognized, and respected as a reliable means to bring the employer and veteran together.

Our Commitment

Veterans First: At VR, we put the veteran front and center in every decision we make. By focusing on what best serves the veterans who utilize our services, we know that will result in the best experience for all. The commitment the entire VR team shares is that “If you are not satisfied, we are not finished”