Recruiter: Deborah Meyer
Company: Anthem, Inc.
Veteran: Proud Daughter of a Marine Veteran



How long have you been with Anthem?

I have been employed with Anthem for more than 16 years

How did you get the job?

Initially joining Anthem, Inc. I responded to a newspaper ad in an HR association’s advertisement. For my current role as Talent Acquisition Manager (a combination of talent sourcing and diversity recruitment consultant), I applied and was selected from a pool of candidates.

How long have you been a veteran recruiter?

I have been a veteran & diversity recruiter for approximately 3 years. However veteran outreach and recruitment has always been an area of focus for Anthem. I began volunteering at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base approximately 8 years ago by assisting with the TAP program (Transitional Assistance Program) providing participants with mock interviews. While the employer “mock interviews” are no longer a part of the TAP program, I’ve continued providing feedback and suggestions to veterans entering the workforce. Anthem finds there is a clear alignment in strong military values and Anthem’s values and culture which is why Anthem actively recruits veterans.

What do you love most about your job?

I’ve always felt that it was important to enjoy your work. As a recruiter and working with veterans I’m sometimes able to suggest career opportunities or insights into the interview process that helps individuals find the best match for them. I love those “aha” moments where I am able to bring clarity and the resulting success of the individual in their career at Anthem. It has been a two way learning experience, I, too have learned so much through my work with veterans.

What advice do you have for veterans who are seeking employment

Spend some time and think about what is really important to you within the work environment. What work do you enjoy most? What would you be willing to do on a volunteer basis if asked? When we align our interests, goals and the environment we seek, we are able to truly find a position for which we have a passion. That passion will show in the interview process,— how we work and career success will follow!

Connect with Deb in the Anthem virtual booth in the Veteran Recruiting virtual career fair